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6 things You Can Make From Wood Pallets

The wood pallet can be repurposed into a range of great projects from exterior porches to cupboards and more. This article looks at six major applications for old pallets.

Recycled Wood Pallet Furniture and Craft Ideas

Pallets can be used to create a number of furniture items as well as other home-related items. Here are some of the projects you may wish to consider.

Can American Communities Replicate Great Sustainability Ideas?

Inspiring examples are needed to move us towards a more sustainable future. Recyclebank has published a list of its 10 most inspiring sustainability stories.

Will Technology Succeed in Boosting Recycling Where Policy Has Failed?

Will technology succeed where policy has struggled when it comes to dramatically increasing the U.S. recycling rate? Eyes will be on Indianapolis.

UpWise Offers Trade-In and Recycling of Old Headphones, Other Devices

UpWise is looking to give you deals in return for trading in your old headphones. It is a new entrant into the online trade-in services market.

Reusable Packaging Update

Reusable packaging news updates from IFCO Systems, CHEP Aerospace, GoPlasticPallets.com and Schoeller Allibert.

Free Cardboard Boxes: The Hunt Continues!

Free cardboard boxes are more challenging to find than they used to be, but where there is a will there is a way. Here are some spots to check out.

Does State Metal Theft Legislation Deter Crime?

So how bad is metal theft? The truth is that it is hard to measure, given incomplete and inconsistent reporting practices asround the country.

Business Opportunity in Cartridge Recycling

Print cartridge recycling is a business opportunity you might not have thought about, either through franchise or independent operations.

How Printer Cartridge Recycling Works

Did you know that the average print cartridge can be refilled six or seven times? Printer cartridge recycling is an increasingly important activity for large manufacturers.

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