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Effective waste and recyclables collection operations rely on the most effective equipment, well trained and motivated employees, coordination with municipal authorities, and more. Visit this section for more resources.
  1. Single-Stream and Dual-Stream Recycling (11)

Closing the Loop Critical to Recycling Success
The concept of closing the loop is crucial to sustainability, but as well to many aspects of reuse and recycling, ranging from helping the viability of reusable pallet pools to helping prevent governement regulations or other involvement due to the lack of society's success in closing the loop for some materials.

The Importance of Logistics to the Recycling Industry
Effective logistics not only translates into a cost efficient recycling service, but it can also be a deal breaker in terms of the viability of recycling, and avoiding legislative hurdles where the loop cannot be closed in terms of material recovery.

Encorp Pacific Provides Model Beverage Container Recycling Management
Encorp Pacific relies on the participation of a number of business owners to provide an effective empty beverage container recycling program in British Columbia.

BigBelly Solar
BigBelly Solar helps cities save fuel and money through its innovative waste and recycling bins that utilize solar powered compactors, and signal their level of fullness remotely, so as to optimize the logistics of pickup activity.

Waste Management Inc., Develops Organics Facility in Florida
Consumers want more organic lawn and garden products, while waste authorities and service providers are looking to divert organic waste from landfills. The development of the Apopka, Florida organic waste facility is another step in the roll-out of Waste Management's value-added strategy for organics waste.

Municipal Solid Waste in the United States: 2009 Facts and Figures
Every year, EPA produces a report on MSW generation, recycling, and disposal. Americans generated about 4.3 pounds of waste per person per day in 2009, totaling about 243 million tons of MSW.

Management of Municipal Solid Waste in Santiago, Chile
This study provides a preliminary assessment of a WTE (waste-to-energy) plant for Santiago, Chile. Worldwide, about 130 million tons of MSW are combusted annually in over 600 WTE facilities. WTE plants offer the potential to save scarce landfill space while producing clean energy.

Pay As You Throw (PAYT)
Pay as you throw (PAYT) is a model for disposing of municipal solid waste based on usage pricing. Charges to users are tied to how much waste they generate for collection by the local authority, as opposed to the traditional approach, which is tied to a flat rate, regardless of the amount of garbage generated.

Punta Arenas Trash Stands
special trash stands prevent scavenging.

Recycling and Blue Box Scavenging
Blue box and recycling scavengers pose a serious policy challenge to government policy makers.

Basketball Games and Recycling
Recycling at basketball games can reduce or eliminate solid waste.

Municipal Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries
The United Nations Environment Programme has developed this Source Book for muncipal solid waste management decision-makers in developing countries and countries in transition, as well as NGOs and community-based organizations working in this area. involved in waste management. This book also offers general reference material with respect to global state-of-the-art information on environmentally sustainable technology for MSWM.

Single Stream Recycling Best Practices Manual and Implementation Guide
Released in 2007, the Single Stream Recycling Best Practices Manual and the Best Practices Implementation Guide have been written to assist community recycling managers.

Industrial and Commercial Trash Compactors
Trash compactors provide many benefits to commercial and industrial operations.

Digging Through a High Tech Recycling Center
This high tech Boston recycling center by Casella Waste Services. Since its opening in 2009 it has seen growth in customers and the recycling rates.

Municipal Solid Waste
Municipal Solid Waste

Waste Management Sustainability Report 2010
Every two years, Waste Management Inc. produces a Sustainability Report. The very readable 2010 report includes 68 pages in the report body as well as a 36 page appendix, outlining WM's commitment to sustainability.

Waste Transfer Station
A waste transfer station is a facility where municipal solid waste is unloaded from collection vehicles, in some cases compacted, and then reloaded onto larger transport vehicles for shipment to landfills or other disposal treatment operations.

Waste Management Inc.
Waste Management Inc. overview

An Overview of Municipal Waste and Landfills
Municipal waste, commonly known as trash or garbage, is a combination of all of a city's solid and semisolid waste. It includes mainly household or domestic waste, but it can also contain commercial and industrial waste. This article summarizes types of waste and various approaches to collection and processing.

Do Biodegradable Items Really Break Down in Landfills?
The majority of trash and garbage that goes into landfills is biodegradable, but most landfills are too tightly packed for biodegradation to occur and for biodegradable items to break down. When that happens, the whole point of biodegradability goes out the window. Learn what can be done to make landfills more effective.

Buy - Tips to Consider When Purchasing Recycling Containers
A poorly thought out container selection may result in unwanted outcomes such as decreased recycling rates, needless clutter and inefficiency, worker injury, or unnecessary cost. Here are some basic considerations for choosing the best recycling container for your recycling program.

Zero Waste Starts with Responsible Design
“Zero Waste” is a design principle that promotes reduced consumption of resources for goods and services and promotes reuse and recycling practices, towards a goal of zero waste.

Evaluation of Solid Waste Management in Santiago, Chile
This paper examines the success of solid waste management in Santiago de Chile.

This paper reviews some of the contentious issues around waste picking. It argues that support of picking for short term gains in resource recovery and working conditions is not the best approach. The thrust of policy should be placed on the recovery of uncontaminated recyclables.

Tour of a Composting Facility - Fraser Richmond Soil & Fibre
Welcome to Fraser Richmond Soil & Fibre, a division of Harvest. This photo tour steps through the basic workings of a state of the art composting facility, one that uses a covered aerated static pile (CASP) system.

Bottle Bill Legislation Results in Improved Landfill Diversion
Bottle bills have been proven to significantly reduce empty beverage containers going to landfills.

Deep Collection System Revolutionizes Containment and Collection of Waste

How to Profit From Your Yard or Garage Sales
A successful yard or garage sale is as simple as following a few basic steps. Yard sales are an important opportunity to promote reuse of unwanted assets, as well as an opportunity to get rid of unwanted scrap metal items and other recyclable materials.

Will Technology Succeed in Boosting Recycling Where Policy Has Failed?
Will technology succeed where policy has struggled when it comes to dramatically increasing the U.S. recycling rate? Eyes will be on Indianapolis.

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