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An Asphalt Shingle Recycling Station Close Up - Gemaco Sales


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Gemaco Breaks Ground as British Columbia's First Asphalt Shingle Recycler
An Asphalt Shingle Recycling Station Close Up - Gemaco Sales
Gemaco Sales launched British Columbia's first licensed asphalt shingle recycling station in February, 2010. Based in the Vancouver area, Gemaco provides a win-win for roofers, landfill operations, the road building industry, the public at large, and the environment. With an estimated 80,000 tonnes of asphalt shingle material annually entering Vancouver area landfills, the company hopes to divert 70% of this material by 2015.

With tippage fees lower than at landfill sites, Gemaco offers:

  • material diverted from crowded landfills
  • a lower cost solution for shingle disposal
  • a lower cost recycled material for road construction and kiln fuel
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