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Non-profit Recycling Enterprise Business Plans

Sample Plans for Recycling Initiatives


In their efforts to promote local recycling, landfill diversion and job creation where there are no commercial recycling operations to fill the void, one tact open to local authorities and NGOs is the establishment of non-profit recycling business enterprises. Links are provided below to several not-for-profit recycling enterprise business plans. These may prove helpful to those local authorities and NGOs considering to undertake such ventures.

Please follow the links to review the full business plans.

Business Plan for Establishing a Computer Recycling Centre

This is a business plan that was made by Pickering 2020 Town Team Ltd, shortly known as P2020, to establish a sustainable non-profit social enterprise for the recycling of different computer parts and other electrical and electronic equipment.

Bellingham Textile Project Business Plan The Bellingham Textile Project prepared this business plan to establish a Textile Recycling Training Centre. The main objective of this non-profit business was to educate local community about the importance of recycling textiles by training local people the appropriate ways to achieve economic development through recycling waste and discarded materials.

Alberta Recycling Management Authority Business Plan

This is a business plan of Alberta Recycling Management Authority for 2011/12 ‐ 2013/14. This three year business plan sets the authority’s long term strategic directions along with its electronics, paint, tires and other recyclable material recycling goals for the period.

Eaglehawk Industrial Recycling Centre Business Plan

The business plan of the Eaglehawk Industrial Recycling Centre was prepared to guide the City of Greater Bendigo in the development of its recycling center, looking to accumulate, reprocess and sell bulk quantities of plastics, cardboard, timber, metals and concrete.

Monroe County Material Recovery Facility Business Plan

Before 2011, Monroe country used to outsource processing of recyclable materials but the end result of outsourcing was never as expected. This business plan was prepared to establish a local authority owned non-profit material recovery facility that would efficiently manage waste steam and increase recycling in the county considerably.

Chittenden County Mixed C&D Debris Recycling Facility Business Plan

This is a business plan summary which was made to provide a basic guideline for preparing a business plan on establishing a construction and demolition (C&D) debris recycling facility at Burlington, Vermont area. Although it is a business plan summary, it can provide enough research based information to some other county authorities which are planning to establish such facilities.

The London Waste and Recycling Board Business Plan 2013 – 2015

This is an ideal business plan to follow for local authorities responsible for waste management and recycling. This business plan sets specific yearly goals of London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) and identifies different sources of fund to finance in achieving those goals.

Lethbridge Waste & Recycling Business Plan 2012-2014

The main purpose of Lethbridge waste management and recycling authority is to ensure an integrated and sustainable waste management system to uphold a healthy and clean urban environment. This five year business plan portrays possible areas of development in the city’s waste management and recycling. The plan offers information that can be very helpful for other non-profit organizations which are responsible for waste management and recycling in their localities.

Final Note

While every project will have its own unique attributes in terms of local requirements, the reviewing of similar plans can help serve as guide to the development of new business plans. Also check out my listing of commercial recycling business plans.

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