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Loscam Limited Profile - China Merchants Loscam International


Loscam Limited Profile - China Merchants Loscam International

Loscam is marketing the Crystal Clear reusable handheld container series from Polymer Logistics

Polymer Logistics

The pallet rental industry has significant impact on the changing role of the pallet recycling industry. Pallet rental continues to grow in many parts of the world, including Asia. Case in point,Loscam Limited, now China Merchants Loscam International, is a leading provider of reusable pallet and packaging equipment pooling services to customers in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Its offerings include pallets, intermediate bulk containers and pallet bins. More recently as part of a marketing agreement it now offers the reusable retail ready display products of Polymer Logistics, complementary offerings to Loscam’s core products.

In 2011, Loscam moved its corporate head office from Australia to Hong Kong, in a move it said would help the company respond more quickly to the growing needs of the Asian market. At the same time, the company maintained regional offices in Australia, Bangkok,Thailand and Shenzhen, China. It renamed the corporate entity China Merchants Loscam International, keeping the Loscam brand with each established national business, such as Loscam Australia or Loscam Thailand. The business in China will be known as China Merchants Loscam.

In 2010, Loscam was acquired by the $50 billion conglomerate China Merchants Group from Affinity Equity Partners. China Merchants was said in some press reports to have purchased over 90% of Loscam, with Loscam management maintaining some interest. The same press reports suggested a final sale figure in the A$650-750 million range. The existing executive team was retained.

Loscam was established in the 1940s in Australia and the mid 1990s in Asia. The company’s focus is primarily on the hire of wooden pallets, and it reported having almost 10 million pallets on hire in a 2010 press release. The business enjoys a strong position in the Australian market, where it is the #2 provider of pallet solutions. In the rapidly growing Asia Pacific market, Loscam reported being the market leader in all of the countries it served except for China. As global retailers become established in these countries and increasingly demand modern logistics practices, the demand for pallet services has likewise increased. Much of Loscam’s growth has occurred organically, as existing supply chain clients have established Asian operations, and in turn have asked Loscam to provide reusable transport packaging services in the new locations.


Loscam is a provider of pooling and related services of various pallets and reusable packaging products, as well as now offering the Polymer Logistics reusable retail ready packaging products. In conjunction with pooling it offers online reporting and management tools, modern service depots, as well as buyback services for companies wishing to switch from owned to rented palllets.


The Loscam product line includes both wooden and plastic pallets, its GPAK intermediate bulk containers, collars and lids, and produce bins.

  • Pallets. Loscam wood pallets include the softwood Australia (1165x1165 mm) two-way entry pallet and the Asia (1200x1000mm) block pallet, as well as a plastic pallet. The Australia pallet is painted red and the Asia pallet is colored yellow.
  • GPAKs. The company also offers its GPAK line of collapsible pallet containers which comes in three sizes, and which are utilized by range of industries including automotive, pharmaceutical, electronics and fashion.
  • Collars and Lids. Collars are enclosing sidewall systems that can be affixed to a wood pallet to make it into a pallet container. Pallet collars can be affixed one atop another to increase the height of the unit.
  • Produce Bins. Easy to clean produce bins are designed to suit the operations of Australian produce packing operations and distribution, featuring stackable design, drop down doors, as well as handholds for ease of lifting once emptied.
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