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Forklift Operator Competitions


Forklift Operator Competitions
CMHDS, licensed to About.com
In many recycling operations, the importance of safe material handling equipment operation cannot be underestimated. One way to promote safe operation is through heightened awareness and skill that comes from participating in operator competitions. This is most common for forklift operation.

While forklift competitions are held under various names, such as forklift rodeo, forklift championship, and forklift competition, the purpose is the same – to promote skills excellence and safe operator practices.

The B.C. Forklift Championship, for example, encompasses a two-stage process. The first is a written test involving 20 multiple choice questions. The second stage, involves maneuvering a demanding course purposed with testing the skill and dexterity of operators. The driving portion of the course is timed so that operators must complete the course in a prescribed period of time. The goal of the competition is to identify the top operators in terms of both safety and efficiency. See a slide show of the B.C. Championship

A number of forklift championships are held around the world. These include:

Plans are underway to have a Canada-US Championship involving British Columbia, Washington and Oregon champions.

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