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Lift Truck Classification and Fuel Sources


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Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Diesel/Gasoline Power

Fuel Cell

The hydrogen fuel cell holds much promise for powering lift trucks, although initially there are barriers such as lack of infrastructure. The benefits of fuel cell include:

  • No emissions
  • Short refueling time
  • Consistent performance throughout shift

Disadvantages of fuel cell power include:
  • Expensive to implement
  • Lack of hydrogen infrastructure
  • Unfamiliar technology
  • Volatile


The benefits of diesel/gasoline engines include:

  • Its ready availability
  • The delivery of consistent power throughout shift
  • Suitability for heavy duty applications
  • Familiarity of operators with the power source
  • Disadvantages of diesel/gasoline engines:

    • Questionable future supply
    • Requirement for more maintenance than electrics
    • That it is not recommended for indoor operation
    • Difficulty and cost of oil and fluid disposal

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