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Websites That Update Current Scrap Metal Prices

Websites that provide scrap metal pricing can be useful to scrap collectors.


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Whatever your role in the metal recycling trade, from scrap collector to asset-based business owner, is extremely important to stay on top of pricing. Current scrap metal prices are critical for metal recyclers as they help determine the profitability of their metal recycling businesses. Having said that, a number of online sources of current scrap metal prices can help provide recyclers an understanding of current pricing trends in the global as well as local scrap metal industry.

In another article, we looked at some scrap recycling apps that are useful for scrap collectors in terms of pricing and scrap yard locations. Following are some notable websites that frequently update scrap metal prices:

Let’s Recycle Scrap Metal Prices

Let’s Recycle is a UK based top recycling website that provides updates and helpful materials for all sorts of recyclers. Its current scrap metal prices section is updated monthly and presented along with prices of previous months to enable recyclers understand the trend in the scrap metal market. The website presents scrap metal prices based on different metal categories including ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal, aluminum can, and steel can. The website has a sub-section named “Metals Price Archive” to facilitate its visitors compare current prices with prices of previous years. Besides current scrap metal prices, the website’s prices section feature current prices of scrap glass, plastics, paper, textiles, and wood.


Now in business for over a decade, Recycleinme (RIM) is a privately owned company which aids buyers and sellers in the scrap trade. While the company does provide international prices, its core business is in helping manufacturers and exporters of scrap to effectively market their products. Recycleinme is estimated to undergo trade transactions of more than $200 million per month, while recording 500,000 unique web page views from more than 192 countries.

Greengate Metals Scrap Metal Prices

Greengate Metals is a leading UK-based scrap metal buyer in Manchester Scrap Yard. Its website shows the prices in which it buys scrap metals. Prices are shown based on different weight ranges such as 0-50 KG, 50-250 KG and 250 KG plus. Basically, Greengate provides scrap metal recycling services to commercial, industrial and household customers within the Manchester area.

Sullivan Metals Scrap Metals Prices

Sullivan Metals is a leading scrap metal seller in Massachusetts. Its website shows current prices of Aluminum Scrap, Copper Scrap, Brass Scrap, Stainless Steel, Insulated Copper Wire, Lead Scrap, and Iron Scrap. To enable its buyers to understand the quality of all these scrap metals, pictures are integrated with every metal class. Again, clicking on “Contact Us” page of the website, one can get phone numbers and call Sullivan Metals directly to know exact prices of metals.

Rockaway Recycling Scrap Metal Prices

Rockaway Recycling is a New Jersey based leading scrap metal recycler. It buys scrap metals from industrial and commercial sources. Its website shows a long list of scrap metal prices in which it is looking buy different types of scrap metals.

Scrap Metal Prices in Australia

Scrapmetalprices.com.au is a great website to find current prices of scrap metals in Australia. The entire website is designed to provide its readers a complete understanding of price trends in the Australian scrap metal industry.

American Recycling Scrap Metal Prices

American Recycling is a Texas based scrap metal recycling company that provides different scrap metal recycling services in different locations in Texas. The company’s website shows current prices of scrap metals it buys and sells.

Metro Metals Recycling Scrap Metal Prices

Metro Metals Recycling is a Minnesota based metal recycling company. Basically it buys scrap metals from industrial and household customers to make those metals useable. The scrap metal prices are presented in different categories including steel and aluminum rims, catalytic converters, copper, aluminum, brass, stainless, lead, ferrous and miscellaneous.

It is worthwhile to note that subscription services may also be a good investment to help keep you up to speed on scrap pricing. Links to subscription sites are available in the article, How to Price Scrap Metal.

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