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Tire Recycling

Recycling can play an important role in diverting old tires from landfills, as well as the illegal dumping of tires. Old tires can be utilized for a number of products, either whole or broken down into smaller components. For example this residual can be reduced to crumb for use in rubberized asphalt, shredded for use as playground mulch,or burnt as a source of heat.

Tire Stewardship BC Association (TSBC)
Tire Stewardship Bristish Columbia is part of British Columbia’s government strategy of Product Stewardship, which places responsibility for end of life product management on the producer and consumers.

Scrap Tire Recycling in Canada
This 11-page brochure from the Canadian Association of Tire Recycling Agencies provides an overview of tire recycling in Canada.

Tire Recycling in Canada
This report views tire recycling in Canada, including processes, residual products, and major companies involved.

A History of Tires
As a background to our introduction of tire recycling, this article summarizes the history of tires.

The Importance of Tire Recycling
Scrap tires are generated at about the rate of one per person in the US, or about 300 million per year. Tires sent to landfills or dumped illegally are a significant concern, providing shelter for mosquitoes and a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Fortunately, however, tires are being diverted from landfills and stockpiles are being consumed by an...

Blue Diamond Technologies Offers Innovative Tire Recycling Process
Blue Diamond Technologies has entered into a joint venture with Insigma to open thirteen tire recycling operations across China.

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