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4th Bin Provides Convenient, Environmentally Responsible E-Recycling Solution

Certified New York City Recycler Takes High Road in Quality Assurance


4th Bin


4th Bin is one of the leading e-waste recycling and disposal companies in New York City. Being established in February 2010 by John Kirsch and Michael Deutsch, it has gained great reputation of successfully disposing and recycling tons of NYC e-waste. Impressively, 4th Bin is a Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) endorsed and ISO 14001, R2 and e-Steward certified recycler. In fact, 4th Bin is NYC’s first e-Steward certified recycler. With a great commitment towards best practices and e-Steward values, 4th Bin maintains highest standards of environmentally and socially responsible disposal and recycling of e-waste. So far, it has successfully disposed and recycled two million pounds of NYC e-waste collecting through its door to door e-waste collection. It has a collection goal of 3 million pounds of e-waste in the current year of 2013.

Business Model

The founders of 4th Bin identified the business opportunity of providing convenient and environmentally responsible recycling of e-waste in NYC. As in many parts of the country, end-of-life electronics tend to accumulate due a lack of environmentally friendly options for disposal. As such, they created 4th Bin, which specifically focuses on the convenient pickup and recycling of e-waste. Revenue is generated through product pickup, as well as through capturing the value of recyclable material in old electronic devices. While free drop-off of e-waste is offered in New York, the operators of 4th Bin point out that the cost of their convenient pickup service is competitive with the cost of individuals or businesses taking their devices to authorized recycling locations.

4th Bin Process

Collection: 4th Bin doesn’t have any collection point of its own and collects e-waste going door to door. But 4th Bin has a partnership with local businesses and this partnership is planning to re-launch ERP (Electronic Rescue Point) program to collect e-wastes. A noticeable fact is that 4th Bin doesn’t assign general garbage men in collecting e-waste; rather it employs trained technicians who are well-capable of packing old electronics into 4th Bin trucks without any breakage. Except for air-conditioners and refrigerators, 4th Bin takes almost all other e-waste, including computers, TVs, digital cameras, DVD players, cell phones, and household batteries.

Sorting, Processing and Redistributing: After careful collection of e-waste going door to door, 4th Bin sorts collected e-waste as “reusable” and “recyclable”. Collected e-wastes classified as “reusable” are renovated and sold through various 4th Bin outlets in discounted prices. Items classified as “recyclable” are sent to 4th Bin partner companies for proper processing and extraction of hazardous materials. Thus, recyclable e-wastes are used to produce new electronic products. 4th Bin distributes its recycled products in open market. Most importantly, adhering to NYC recycling legislation 4th Bin doesn’t export any NYC e-waste.

How 4th Bin Is Different From Others

4th Bin is different from other recyclers for so many different reasons. Firstly, it has a strong commitment toward ethical recycling and creating a new standard of e-waste recycling. Secondly, it employs only trained technicians in collection process of e-waste. This ensures zero brokerage of e-waste during collection. Thirdly, 4th Bin is not just a recycler and disposer of e-waste. It also provides commercial asset management and data destruction services to its clients. As old electronics and computers can contain valuable and sensitive data, nobody would want to have that data leaked to somebody else. 4th Bin data destruction services ensure proper destruction of these sensitive data in front of e-waste owners at the time of collecting them.

4th Bin has set a new standard of effectively disposing and recycling e-waste in NYC. Entrepreneurs in other states can follow the 4th Bin business model to lessen improper disposal of e-waste successfully, where responsible disposal is more challenging, especially in states that have enacted strict e-waste recycling legislation.

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